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A rare audio interview with Eddie Van Halen and Steven Rosen right before Women And Children First was about to come out.  Eddie picks up a strat and starts to play some of the riffs and songs from the album.  Interviews like this with young Edward Van Halen are golden.  The other 1978/1979 interview for VH II with Steven Rosen is also brilliant.  Click here for that one.
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  • Heisenberg5150

    Notice he mentioned they were planning to do ” Could This Be Magic ” and ” OSER ” on the tour.

    This is a fantastic interview. Thanks for puting it up. i used to have it from Itunes in my old ipod that I have since lost and havent heard this in many years. I would love to know what he said about the vocals when he told Steve to shut off the tape recorder..

    • https://themightyvanhalen.net/ This Music Sux

      this one and the 1979 interview are probably some of my favorite. To hear young Eddie talking and riffing on the new songs is priceless.

      Yeah it was cool to hear him say they were thinking of playing those songs. Wish they would’ve varied the setlist from time to time. But they stuck pretty hard to one setlist per tour.

  • http://www.johnnybeane.com/ johnnybeane

    Yeah these are great interviews!