1981 – Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum

Van Halen live on 8/25/1981 in Greensboro, NC. MUST LISTEN, excellent audio bootleg and is the #1 best quality from the Fair Warning tour. This is Van Halen at the peak of powers on the Fair Warning Tour. Plus you get the extended show intro/jam of “On Fire” and Dave’s Sounds of Summertime rap before “Ice Cream Man.”

Audio Bootleg Quality: A+

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Um, wow. This is incredible!! Thanks for sharing; I’ve been wanting to hear a good recording of a 1981 show for quite some time, and this delivers.

The Mighty Van Halen

Cool. This show is the best quality from 1981.


Any chance of getting a download link? For some reason plays really crap for me…..


This is the best quality VH live show I have ever heard. Early Xmas gift for me!

The Mighty Van Halen

Yes one of THE BEST VH bootlegs. And lucky it’s 1981 Tour too!

Larry Stahl

Love this concert.

Model Citizen

Love it.! Anyone have the whole show in Flac format?

Dwight Holt

Is this the show where Dave threatened to beat someone’s ass for throwing a liqueur bottle at him?????
I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!


Bad ass! I love stories like that. I was at the El Paso show, also presented here. I remember that show with such detail because I was in Awe! It was my first concert ever and well; the rest is history.

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Brent Collins



That opening jam is so sick!

Kim Carter

I was at this concert. My brother was the one that pulled David Lee Roth off stage. We are also the one that took the inside album cover of the Fair Warren album and drawer it on a king size sheet. We got back stage passes from Van Halen they liked it so much. I still have my concert ticket I never used still intact. Kim Prince Carter here look me up on Facebook… (People that draw the sheet was: Lisa Luper,Tommy Luper and Kim Prince Carter)

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Dan Carraway

I was there with 2 of my best buds. My most vivid memory was seeing DLR at the holiday inn after the show surrounded by over 50 females…. What a great show


Love this show!! I wish I had been old enough to enjoy the early VH shows live in concert. I was only 9 years old when the 84 jump tour started, so…


I think my favorite 3 albums by VH are fair warning, 1984, and a toss up between VH II and balance.