4/21/1984 – Quebec City, Canada @ Le Colisee de Quebec

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Great quality show from Van Halen 1984 Tour. Notes from the bootleg below:

Best show of the 1984 tour and a must-have. The only show that really departs from the cookie-cutter 1984 setlist. Terrific “A” level, definitive 1st gen quality makes this required listening for all VH fans. If you only own one 1984 show, this is hands down the one to own.

Obviously, the huge difference between this and other 1984 shows is “Summertime Blues” and “Ice Cream Man,” two songs that no other circulating 1984 show has. In addition, Dave’s rap is very short, and “Everybody Wants Some!!” is also markedly different from EWS in all other shows. Instead of the usual 15 minutes, it’s under 9 minutes, and there’s no joking around. A lot of it is instrumental Ed and Al in the mdidle section of the song. I’m virtually certain this was classic Van Halen’s only stop in Quebec, and as such, they wanted to make it a special show. They knew they couldn’t fuck around like they did in all the other 1984 shows. They were on their “best behavior” that night. They wanted the Quebec audience to hear a tight performance with vintage songs like “Ice Cream Man” and “Summertime Blues.”

Quebec City, Canada

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  • SVater

    Cannot wait to hear this one, thank you!

    • https://themightyvanhalen.net/ The Mighty Van Halen

      Cool it’s a good one. Also try 5/13/1984 Los Angeles, one of the best from the tour.

      • SVater

        Will do, thanx TMVH!

  • SVater

    OK, I could swear I heard ‘Since I’ve Been Lovin You’ by Zep in that solo, wow, very cool