1980 Tour Dates – World Invasion Tour

Start Date: Mar 19, 1980 – End Date: Nov 15, 1980
Locations: North America, Europe

The tour for Women and Children First, 1980 World Invasion Tour was dubbed “Party ’til You Die Tour” by the band. This tour would see keyboards on stage for the first time.  Michael Anthony would play the keyboard parts for “And the Cradle Will Rock…”

Note: Dates below in red are links to content posted on this site (bootlegs, videos, photos, interviews). Just click to view a specific date. Or you can view all posts from 1980 here.
Date City Country Venue
North America (1st Leg)
March 19, 1980 Victoria, BC Canada Victoria Memorial Arena
March 21, 1980 Central Point, OR United States Compton Arena
March 22, 1980 Eugene, OR McArthur Court
March 24, 1980 Spokane, WA Spokane Coliseum
March 25, 1980 Great Falls, MO Four Seasons Arena
March 26, 1980 Missoula, MO Adams Field House
March 27, 1980 Pocatello, ID Mini-Dome
March 29, 1980 Fort Collins, CO Moby Gym
March 30, 1980 Pueblo, CO Massari Gym (University of Southern Colorado)
April 2, 1980 Vancouver, BC Canada Pacific Coliseum
April 3, 1980 Portland, OR United States Portland Memorial Coliseum
April 4, 1980 Seattle, WA Seattle Center Coliseum
April 5, 1980
April 7, 1980 Calgary, AB Canada Stampede Corral
April 7, 1980 Calgary, AB Stampede Corral
April 8, 1980 Edmonton, AB Northlands Coliseum
April 11, 1980 Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg Arena
April 13, 1980 Saint Paul, MN United States St. Paul Civic Center
April 14, 1980 Milwaukee, WI MECCA Arena
April 15, 1980 Madison, WI Dane County Veterans Memorial Coliseum
April 24, 1980 Cincinnati, OH Riverfront Coliseum
April 25, 1980 Chicago, IL International Amphitheatre
April 26, 1980 Detroit, MI Cobo Arena
April 27, 1980
April 29, 1980 Richfield, OH Richfield Coliseum
April 30, 1980 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Civic Arena
May 1, 1980 Landover, MD Capital Centre
May 2, 1980 Binghamton, NY Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
May 3, 1980 South Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod Coliseum
May 5, 1980 Buffalo, NY Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
May 6, 1980 Rochester Rochester Community War Memorial Arena
May 7, 1980 Philadelphia Spectrum
May 8, 1980 New Haven New Haven Coliseum
May 9, 1980 Philadelphia, PA The Spectrum
May 21, 1980 Rome Italy The Piper Club (TV taping)
May 23, 1980 Copenhagen Denmark Falkoner Center (cancelled: DLR broke nose)
May 24, 1980 Bremen Germany Bremen City Hall (cancelled: DLR broke nose)
May 26, 1980 Geleen Netherlands Burgemeester Damen Sportpark (Pinkpop Festival)
May 27, 1980 Ludwigshafen Germany Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
May 29, 1980 Essen Grugahalle
May 30, 1980 Hamburg Ernst-Merck-Halle
May 31, 1980 Cambrai France Grottos Palace
June 1, 1980 Caen Caen Expo Hall
June 3, 1980 Paris Palais des Sports
June 4, 1980 Lyon Palais des Sports de Gerland
June 6, 1980 Reims Reims Sports Palace
June 7, 1980 Würzburg Germany Carl Diem Hall
June 8, 1980 Neunkirchen Hemmerleinhalle
June 10, 1980 Düsseldorf Philips Hall
June 11, 1980 Sindelfingen Messehalle
June 14, 1980 Munich Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle
June 17, 1980 Newcastle England Newcastle City Hall
June 18, 1980 Glasgow Scotland The Apollo
June 19, 1980 Manchester England Manchester Apollo
June 20, 1980 Leicester De Montfort Hall
June 21, 1980 Germany ZDF Rockpop
June 22, 1980 Birmingham Birmingham Odeon
June 23, 1980 London Rainbow Theatre
June 24, 1980
North America (2nd leg)
July 10, 1980 Kalamazoo United States Wings Stadium
July 11, 1980 Toledo Toledo Sports Arena
July 12, 1980 Fort Wayne Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
July 13, 1980 Huntington Huntington Civic Center
July 15, 1980 Montreal Canada Montreal Forum
July 16, 1980 Ottawa Ottawa Civic Center
July 17, 1980 London London Gardens
July 18, 1980 Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens
July 20, 1980 Richmond, VA United States Richmond Coliseum
July 21, 1980 Hampton Hampton Coliseum
July 22, 1980 Baltimore Baltimore Civic Center
July 24, 1980 Hartford Hartford Civic Center
July 25, 1980 Boston Boston Garden
July 26, 1980 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
July 27, 1980
July 28, 1980 Louisville Freedom Hall
July 29, 1980 Chicago International Amphitheatre
July 30, 1980 Indianapolis Market Square Arena
July 31, 1980 St. Louis Checkerdome
August 1, 1980 Memphis Mid-South Coliseum
August 2, 1980 Little Rock Barton Coliseum
August 4, 1980 Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center
August 5, 1980 Nashville Nashville Municipal Auditorium
August 6, 1980 Atlanta Omni Coliseum
August 8, 1980 Lakeland Lakeland Civic Center (Rescheduled for 8/11)
August 8, 1980 Ft. Myers, FL Lee County Arena
August 9, 1980 Pembroke Pines Hollywood Sportatorium
August 10, 1980 Jacksonville Jacksonville Coliseum (Postponed to Nov. 16)
August 11, 1980 Lakeland, FL Lakeland Civic Center (Postponed to Nov. 15)
August 12, 1980 St. Petersburg Bayfront Arena (Postponed to Nov. 14)
August 15, 1980 San Juan Puerto Rico Roberto Clemente Coliseum (cancelled)
August 16, 1980
August 22, 1980 Kansas City United States Kemper Arena
August 23, 1980 Omaha Omaha Civic Auditorium
August 24, 1980 Salina Bicentennial Center
August 26, 1980 Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Memorial Coliseum
August 27, 1980 San Antonio San Antonio Convention Center
August 28, 1980 Houston Sam Houston Coliseum
August 29, 1980 Shreveport Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
August 30, 1980 Baton Rouge Riverside Centroplex
September 1, 1980 Mobile Mobile Municipal Auditorium
September 2, 1980 Jackson Mississippi Coliseum
September 3, 1980 Beaumont Fair Park Coliseum
September 4, 1980 Dallas Reunion Arena
September 6, 1980 Norman Owen Field (Roklahoma)
September 7, 1980 Amarillo Amarillo Civic Center
September 8, 1980 Lubbock Lubbock Municipal Coliseum
September 9, 1980 El Paso, TX El Paso Civic Center
September 10, 1980 Albuquerque University of New Mexico Arena
September 12, 1980 Denver McNichols Sports Arena
September 15, 1980 Phoenix Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
September 16, 1980 Tucson Tucson Community Center
September 18, 1980 Fresno Selland Arena
September 19, 1980 Los Angeles Los Angeles Sports Arena
September 20, 1980
October 3, 1980 Rapid City Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
October 4, 1980 Bismarck Bismarck Civic Center
October 6, 1980 Salt Lake City Salt Palace
October 9, 1980 Oakland Oakland Arena
October 10, 1980
October 12, 1980 San Diego San Diego Sports Arena
October 15, 1980 Sioux Falls Sioux Falls Arena
October 16, 1980 Des Moines Des Moines Veterans Memorial Auditorium
October 17, 1980 Lincoln Pershing Memorial Auditorium
October 19, 1980 Macomb Western Hall
October 21, 1980 Terre Haute Hulman Arena
October 22, 1980 Lexington Rupp Arena
October 24, 1980 Knoxville Knoxville Civic Coliseum
October 25, 1980 Johnson City Freedom Hall
October 31, 1980 Macon Macon Coliseum
November 1, 1980 Augusta Augusta Civic Center
November 2, 1980 Asheville Asheville Civic Center
November 5, 1980 Champaign Assembly Hall
November 6, 1980 Notre Dame Notre Dame Athletics and Convocation Center
November 7, 1980 Evansville Roberts Municipal Stadium
November 8, 1980 Huntsville Von Braun Civic Center
November 11, 1980 Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Memorial Coliseum
November 12, 1980 Savannah Savannah Civic Center
November 14, 1980 St. Petersburg Bayfront Center
November 15, 1980 Lakeland Lakeland Civic Center
November 16, 1980 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Coliseum

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This is the year I became a VH fan. The very next day after hearing about their show in Vancouver April 2 1980.
No idea as to how I was so late to the party. I had been a fan of KISS since I was a youngster and saw them live in 1979. I was really into Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick and numerous others at the time. How I missed the boat on VH until 1980 is beyond me. I really should of known about them sooner and saw them on this tour. One of my favorite era’s for sure.


All Hell Yeah !!!
I still have very vivid crystal clear memories from most of those ’81, ’82, & ’84 shows.
Something really special about seeing VH the first time. It seems to stick with me all these years. Each time I went to a show after that I always wish it was VH. Even if it was The Stones or someone really good. Nothing ever seemed to match the feeling of seeing & hearing VH live in person to this day.
The volume and lighting were absolutly intense. Starting out with On Fire blew my mind. I really didnt expect that one, as of course we didnt know the setlist beforehand back then. The VH lighting rig logo at the end of the show was killer.
The lights were so brightly shined into the audience during the chorus of RWTD, you could see the entire audience up on their feet fistpumping and going apeshit.
At that time, I dont recall any other band that pumped the crowd up so much. ( Later on I could see from AC/DC dvd’s that they too have some enthusiastic audiences, as well as Metallica and some of the other Heavy Metal acts. )
But for me they were, and still are my #1 favorite of all time.
I too, used to plaster my walls with VH posters and magazine pinups. Still have quite a few of them, and have been collecting more and replacing ones from EBay this past year. I still have the ’81 program, and tour shirt from the show. It is super thin and tattered though. I’ve only worn it twice in the past 30 years, at the VH 2007 show, and the 1994 DLR show.
You’re right. It is good to look at the bright side that we got to see them in their magnificent glory. It is amazing how something as simple as a rock band can become a life long pleasure to enjoy being a fan of. I still get the same thrill from finding VH memorbilia, magazines and bootlegs as I did back then. The internet has become the new Creem, Circus, and record store. A day without VH, is like a day without sunshine. Gotta love it.


I was at that show, too. My first VH show. Saw Rush 5 days earlier. Front row for the Diver Down tour. Got EVH’s pick.

Howard W Fisher

A bit too young to attend the Invasion tour unfortunately…My parents did manage to buy me the album that year though i still have it.

Mike Bittner

I was at the July 21, 1980 show in Hampton. I remember this young girl screaming “Eddie!” “David!” in my ear…I think I was deaf for a day or so after that.

Mike Bittner

My very first rock album, that I bought with my own money, was Van Halen II. The second? Van Halen I.

The Mighty Van Halen


Debbie Wilson

Does anyone know who opened for Van Halen on Nov.11, 1980 at the coliseum in Winston-Salem, NC? I was there but can’t remember who opened…

The Mighty Van Halen

Talas (with Billy Sheehan) opened for VH the day after (Nov. 12). So it could’ve been them.


it was Talas

Scott Wade

Saw the April 4th, 1980 Seattle show! Was 15 at the time. Never forget it, my friend and I stood in line all day and got the best seats in the place.

billy smith

Saw them in KC 1980 tour ,we jumped up and down on the Kemper seats tell they broke.The band got out the video camera said they were recording the crowd went wild .I saw while back they did that all the time just to get the crowd going , they never recording any thing what a laugh!!

Mark K. Sinn

What does the red letters on the tour dates mean? I’m new, love V.H.

Dave Mayo

1980 best show of all ive seen probly cause it wAs my first the overall show roth was drunk in salt lake ed wore no shirt and played a once in history type guitar i had pictures of the show but gave em up for redhair marijuana i believe a little more than an8th of weed hhaaaa have not smoked weed since those times i had the program to but some older kids bullied me for it i was 12 at the time and also alexs drums were a 1lifetime cause that night he had half of the set those bad ass clear ones with the numbers and half the tube type on fair warn they had been touring so hard they used salt lake as a who cares type city roth actually was drunk they also couldnt do the skit where someone tosses the joint on stage and roth asks alex wtf is this and alex and roth hit it in part due to the lds mormon religion then there much mellower now allowing cigarettes and is for weed legal that is y im not in the church but i do party not cigs and weed now like then so when i heard what they actually said on these concerts yall were nice enuff to load i was like holy batmans cock !

Dave Mayo

i no theres gotta be more concerts from 80 i love this site but its been forever since u updated hell u guys no ed tell him we aint pressureing on get back tour etc just bust out some of the sound boards from 79 80 when i think they were at there top.. they played weber state78 when roth got decked utah state 79 and salt palace 80 and salt palace in 84 which i believe was the quickest sell out in the history of concerts at time 14,000 in 15 minutes i had a bunch of peoples money from skool i had to give money back and just say sorry man they actually had a set up procedure for people camping out 3 days before they released them we came in 2days before and they only played utah the one nite they wood sold out5 im sure in fact they threatend to shut ticket sales off cause there mass butting in line but that didnt matter if u had the camping band on wrist but then of course fake bands soon popped up and when they sold out in 15 minutes and found out only 1 show the malls and outlets were trashed bad plants etc tables even some looting was headlines on news here if any body has any stories similar i like to hear

TN Johnston

haha ! my now brother in law hacked me 40.00 each for 2 tickets in ’84 at the salt palace – I still give him shit about it.. that was alot of cash for lower bowl.
remember ‘the velcros’ opened for them?


Hey guys,
something to add to your archive from this tour


I was at a show not listed above, the March 27th gig in Pocatello, Idaho. They played in the Minidome (now called the Holt Arena). No opening act, just Van Halen. That was the day after Women and Children First was released. I could write a pretty entertaining essay on the events that found me there! Memorable for so many reasons. My big take aways were that, obviously, Eddie was just a monster guitar player and that Michael Anthony’s background vocals were killer. They were, without a doubt, the tightest band I had ever seen. All for less than $10 a ticket!




I gotta call bullshit on whole Idaho thing and understand at that age making it up but I live by there and there was no secret show or whatever guaranteed and if there was how did u get tickets I no the answer

TN Johnston

the Pocatello show wasn’t listed here until awhile back – I had wondered the same thing – it was a short notice impromptu show – we got tickets at a record store on Broadway Ave in Boise and the show was like 3 or 4 days later – we had to improvise so we hitchhiked (on the day of the show) and everything worked out as if we had planned it – even the girls 😉

TN Johnston

Oh hell yes – I was there – ‘Rail’ opened for them – it was a sunny warm afternoon hanging out at the dome with the crowd. Me and a friend hitched down from Boise with about 20.00, tickets and weed.
VH tore the place apart !

Last edited 3 years ago by TN Johnston
Jim T

22nd June 1980 at Birmingham Odeon UK – Brilliant show, never forget it

Miles From Texas

If I have a ticket stud stating that VH played Municipal Coliseum in Lubbock on Sept 8 1980…


you are correct – 9/8/80 was Lubbock I’ll have to update this page! thanks.

TN Johnston

49ermike – Solid words of wisdom.


September 19th 1980 Los Angeles Sports Arena. Was on the left side facing the stage about mid way up the side looking down. A homecoming for our Los Angeles hero’s. The “space ship” drum set, the bomb casings as key boards — the show was an ass kicker. Anthony’s bass was a Jack Daniels bottle, and Roth had an acoustic guitar in the shape of a fudgesickle for ice cream man. I got a ticket from a buddy of mine who said his girlfriend was not into that scene/music. I got the not out of the bullpen and got a freebee. They played all the big hits, and did dance the night away, but the killer one for me was light up the sky. During light up the sky, the whole arena was amassed with bic lighters “lighting up the sky.” The music was so clean sounding that it was like someone was in the back playing a record — it was that accurate sounding. One poster below said that the joint was thrown on the stage, and Roth said “what the F#$ck is this” and did the pass around. I do remember that. I forgot about it until I read the guy below, thanks for the refresher man, good memories and you pulled one out for me. Got the tee shirt and wore it proud for a few years. When I wore the tee at high school people would compliment me on the shirt. I’d like to get a replica, maybe ebay to the rescue. I was 15, just about to turn 16 and felt special to see them play. To the guy that got bullied and lost his tour album — I got sucker punched by a football player in front of all the “in crowd” at high school and cried. I dropped out of high school for being humiliated, and went to concerts and lived in my car. I had more fun going to concerts and being with rockers than the school people. Tough times, but I had some special times. Saw Ratt at UCLA Madi gras $3 and got to air guitar to Warren D’Martini as he played all the set. Even talked to the band for a brief few seconds just before the show. US Festival 83′ San Bernardino Metal Sunday too. Van Halen at the sports arena is top of the list of over 250 shows. I’m sober in AA 31 years, so yes you can go to shows and party sober if you want to.

ken hunter

Come on i saw them in November where is the rest of the tour dates!


They did NOT play McArthur Court on the Eugene OR show. They played the Lane County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall. I was 17 years old and was at that show!

Robert Manley

This is the first time I’ve seen the accurate date listed for the postponed Jax, FL show. I was at that concert. A friend got me backstage. Then I ended up at the Hilton after the show. I got Edward’s autograph, met Valerie (she told me she was taking him home for Thanksgiving to meet her family), and then ended up in DLR’s suite with a bunch of other people. Pretty heady experience for a 21 year-old.

Taco Charley

Seen this tour in Oakland on October 10th , Bought the tickets the day they were released. Was the best show i seen that year, And was allot better then the show they did in june 81 . Both shows i was 15 yrs old.


Now if you could find out who the opening acts, that would be great, July 11, 1980 in Toledo opener was Cats, but have no idea who opened for them on may 8, 1979 in Toledo

Archie Neil

I was in charge of security for the Pueblo show. Got all my friends at shirt if they worked. I have witnesses still alive. The M n M stuff was in the student center. Connie was in charge of making sure they were happy. David was really rude and Connie said to hell with taking out the brown M n M’s. The rest is history.

Tom Sumner

My First VH Gig 11-16-80 Jax Fla.. I think they had this big ass bottle of Champane , they were spraying all over the place after the last song… Last show of the tour!? also saw them 82-84 in Jax …..AWESOME