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Here are some of the best quality bootlegs from each year.¬† There aren’t a ton of soundboard bootlegs out there, but some years have more than others.

1978 has lots of great quality and a handful of soundboard recordings.

1979 has a handful of soundboard recordings that have surfaced in recent years.

1980 there’s really only 1 soundboard — or it’s the audio track from the pro-shot video for 5/1/1980 Largo.

1981 sadly there are ZERO soundboards — although probably one of the very best audience bootlegs 8/25/1981 Greensboro.

1982 there’s 1 soundboard (11/18/1982 Dallas), but also a handful of audio from pro-shot video like 10/12/1982 Largo and a few from the South American tour in 1983.

1984 there are ZERO soundboards in circulation, although a handful of really great quality audience bootlegs.

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