1981 – “So This Is Love?” (Dinosaur video) Italy TV RAI 1

June 6, 2021 — WOW!!! This is huge!!! Just unearthed for the first time ever by Van Halen Italia Fan Club. This is a super rare video that fans have speculated on for 25 years. After the Fair Warning tour, Van Halen headed to Europe for a quick promo tour doing TV performances in Spain, Belgium, Germany and Italy. A few photos from this “dinosaur video” surfaced in the first ever issue of The Inside Magazine (1995). But nothing more and fans only speculated what song this was for. Someone said they asked Michael Anthony years ago about the “dinosaur video” and he really had no memory of it.

Now 40 years later, we finally get this super rare gem! Filmed at Prehistoric Park, Rivolta d’Adda, Italy near Milan.

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