1980 Interview: Dave with Allan Handelman

It’s was Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Recorded at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia during the tour to support their third album, Women And Children First. It was out of control madness that turned out to be a radio classic. David is still a regular guest on my show with over 8 appearances over the years. This one (the first one) was a face-to-face interview backstage in a large bathroom at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Virginia. He took my guests and me into a large bathroom because he likes the echo on radio. I consider David a friend till this day. – 

Allan Handelman

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[…] July 21, 1980 […]

Kevin Hasemeyer

Who opened for VanHalen at the Hampton coliseum that night? I was there but can’t remember who opened the show for them.