1980 – Largo MD @ Capitol Centre

* Van Halen photos by: Michael Brannon

Soundboard bootleg from the 1980 World Invasion Tour. Many say this is the audio track from the VHS recording of this show, although the video has never surfaced.  This venue was famous for filming their shows with in-venue cameras.  Many shows can be found from other bands and the great Van Halen 1982 Largo bootleg video comes from this venue.

Date: 5/1/1980
Location: Largo, MD
Venue: The Capital Centre
Source: Soundboard bootleg

Audio Bootleg Quality: A

  1. Romeo Delight *Missing
  2. Bottoms Up *Missing
  3. Drum Solo *Missing
  4. Runnin’ With The Devil 4:47
  5. Tora! Tora! ~ Loss of Control 3:17
  6. Take Your Whiskey Home 4:45
  7. Dance The Night Away 3:05
  8. Women In Love 3:45
  9. Jamie’s Cryin’ 6:18
  10. Feel Your Love Tonight 2:57
  11. Bright Lights, Big City 8:08
  12. Everybody Wants Some!! *Missing
  13. Atomic Punk 2:44
  14. And The Cradle Will Rock 3:06
  15. Light Up The Sky (incl. Drum Solo) 5:26
  16. Guitar Solo 6:28
  17. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 5:01
  18. Ice Cream Man 3:37
  19. You Really Got Me *Missing

Bootleg Info: VHtrading.com

* Van Halen photos by: Michael Brannon

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Any way i can get the link to download this?


Good shit!!…Loss of Controllllllllllllll

Benjamin Jones

Well, you can see camera operators filming the show on stage so maybe this will turn up one day?

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I was there 🤘🔥🤘


My first concert, I was 12


Where and when did Edward use the original Charvel Star with Dano-neck for the last time? Anyone ?