5/13/1984 – Inglewood, CA @ The Forum

Van Halen live on May 13, 1984 at The Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, CA. This is a 2014 EQ/Remaster that helps get rid of some buzz in the right channel.

Date: 5/13/1984
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: The Great Western Forum
Opening band: The Velcros
Source: Audience bootleg (Quality: A) 2014 Remaster

Audio Bootleg Quality: A (2014 Remaster)

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PDX Guitar Freak

This was my first concert (and yes, I’m referring to the Forum show in 84)! I went for my weekly guitar lesson (the teacher was friends with my parents), and when I got there, they surprised me and I went to the VH concert with my guitar teacher and his drummer. Very memorable evening! I can’t remember who the opening act was… but it was not Autograph… seemed like an unknown local act. Anyone remember?

my first concert too. Thought it was Autograph but don’t remember much from that night!

Yeah I did some research since posting that comment, and you are correct. It was strange, as the Velcros were an unknown band, and not hard rock as I recall… seemed like a really odd choice. Regardless, what an amazing experience that must have been for them LOL. Rock on bro, and long live the mighty =VH=

yeah VH almost always had strange, no-name bands opening back then. They called it the T-shirt bands since fans would hopefully not be watching them and instead be out in the venue buying VH merch 😉 There are pics from the Velcros on the SF dates on the site here >> https://themightyvanhalen.net/1984/05/10/1984-san-francisco-ca-cow-palace-2/

LOL I like the phrase “t-shirt bands.” That’s great! I do recall Autograph also opening some dates (and DLR used to go jogging with their singer). That must have also been an interesting pairing given Autograph guitarist Steve Lynch’s tapping technique… IMO one of the few guys who took tapping to an interesting place in the 80s. Anyway, you have a great website their bro. 🙂


Yes! Sort of a Romantics vibe, maybe. Odd choice indeed, almost seemed like VH was f’n with us longhairs.


First/last time I saw VH. Seats were up by God, so we could hardly see. Vague memories of an unknown rockabilly-type opening band and an older drunk fella puking on my new tour jersey.

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