1984 – San Francisco, CA @ The Cow Palace

First show of a 3-night stand in San Francisco, CA on Van Halen’s 1984 World Tour.

Audio Bootleg

Soundcheck from San Francisco (May 9, 10 or 11th)

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Jonathon Oldemeyer

Oh my fucking God!!! How did you come across this??? Best concert of my life ever! I was 15 years old and after an M-80 was set off and everyone jumped up, I ran about 30 yards and wedged myself right in the corner of the catwalk on Michael Anthony’s side, not to be moved all night. Front row and even caught 2 picks that night. This is incredible! Going back 31 years in a time machine! Thank you for this moment. Wish I had a copy of this.

yes great memories. Love the VH time machine. I’ll send you a link to files.

Jonathon Oldemeyer

No way! You’re the best!