5/21/1984 – San Diego, CA @ San Diego Sports Arena #2

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Van Halen live on 5/21/1984 in San Diego, CA @ The San Diego Sports Arena.   Another great sounding bootleg (Grade A).


San Diego Sports Arena - San Diego, CA

More info...VHboots.com
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  • Sean Keenan

    Awesome to hear this show but I think the tape speed maybe faster than the actual performance.

    • Everybody Up!

      I wish. The band seemed accelerated in ever recording out there. It may be the technology. Live, they never seemed to get tight the entire tour.

  • Bilbo

    Thanks for that. The 1984 tour is my favourite from CVH!

  • Adriano Moreira Machado

    hi. have links or torrents to these bootlegs?