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1981 – German TV “Unchained”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld2URWiinfQ Van Halen on German TV show lip sync performance of "Unchained" (*Post date is a loose guess)

1981 – Spanish TV (Aplauso)

12/26/1981 is the air date of this show. Likely filmed on 11/14/1981 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuzw1ATcZBE

1/30/1982 – “Pretty Woman” @ San Remo Festival Italy

Van Halen TV performance in Italy at the Sanremo Music Festival. Info seems like they filmed this on 1/30/1982 and it aired around 3/16/1982. Broadcaster Rai...

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1984 – Quebec City, Canada @ Le Colisee de Quebec

Van Halen live on 4/21/1984. Great quality bootleg from the 1984 Tour. Notes from the bootleg below:---One of the best show of the 1984...

11/22/1975 – La Cañada, CA @ The Lanterman (Photos)

Source: https://outlooknewspapers.com/blog/2020/10/16/local-promoter-recalls-van-halen-at-lchs-lanterman-auditorium Local Promoter Recalls Van Halen at LCHS, Lanterman Auditorium By Daniel Sullivan

7/11/1979 – Houston, TX @ Music Hall

Van Halen live bootleg from 7/11/1979 on the Van Halen II World Vacation Tour. Date: 7/11/1979Location: Houston, TXVenue: Music HallOpening band: The ScreamsSource: Audience bootleg...

5/21/1984 – San Diego, CA @ San Diego Sports Arena #2

Van Halen live on 5/21/1984 in San Diego, CA @ The San Diego Sports Arena.   Another great sounding bootleg (Grade A). Audio Bootleg Quality:...

7/20/1981 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Spectrum

Van Halen live on 7/20/1981 at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA. Decent quality bootleg (B) and gets better after a few songs. This is...