9/15/1982 – San Francisco, CA @ The Cow Palace

Van Halen live on 9/15/1982 for their first shows in San Francisco, CA at The Cow Palace.

Date: 9/15/1982
Location: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Cow Palace
Source: Audience bootleg

Audio Bootleg

Cow Palace radio ad

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H.K. northern cali

Cow p sucks ass! Why is this still standing? ?

H.K. northern cali

Great when 1975? Go to the new sf areana in 19# jackass!!

H.K. northern cali

Why so miserable? ?

Mike Skillings

Cow palace was great

H.K. northern cali

For gun shows

H.K. northern cali

Ur a great example of what happens when young people have to much free time on their hands.

Mark P

This is my recording! They played the next night at the Cow Palace as well. This show was sold out and missed out on getting a ticket, so on the night of the show I went to the venue with my Walkman2 and bought a scalped ticket for like $20! This was the second show I ever recorded. Got on the floor, about 30 feet from the stage and let the tape roll. Still remember it all pretty well.

9/15/1982 – San Francisco, CA @ The Cow Palace