8/6/1978 – Oklahoma Jam

Van Halen live on 8/6/1978 at the Oklahoma Jam. Great quality although a little fuzzy at times.

Date: 8/6/1978
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Venue: Super Rock 78 The Oklahoma Jam
Source: Audience bootleg (Quality: A)

Audio Bootleg


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Mike Skillings

Is there a way to put all the concerts you upload on cds

[…] August 6, 1978 […]


We all wondered who is Van Halen? In the heat of the day we found out! Everyone was on their feet the entire set, best band of the day, and it made the OK Jam of 1978 worth its weight in gold!


That is about as well as it could have been said. I was there – they rocked!


I remember that concert well. I was 17, the sights sounds were amazing. Free flowing sex, drugs & music 😎. All locked into a small dirt track arena. While we carried on in the muck & mire of heavenly sin 👹… The okc police force lined up in front of the entire stadium 🏟️. Waiting for a end, but we just keep up rocking hours after the end…….if you were sober enough too walk away you missed the party & you were not arrested 💩

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