8/19/1978 – Bay City, MI @ Summer Celebration (Photos)

Date: 8/19/1978
Location: Bay City, MI
Venue: Summer Celebration / Bay City Central High School's Elmer Engel Stadium
Lineup: Bandit, Van Halen, Bob Segar (Cheap Trick had to cancel)


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Matthew DeCorte

I was 5 feet from Eddie. I lived 5 blocks from the stadium. Was a Mind blowing Ear Melting Performance.


This was unbelievable to me but my guitar teacher was the main lead in the cheap tricks band, he tell me stories about this concert and stuff about Eddie, ITS SO COOL!! I’m 15 😅

Matt Hall

Still have the frisbee. Wish I could find a poster. I was 17 at the time and came from Saginaw. Seger had the light show but I thought Van Halen stole the show. Opening act, Bandit, lead singer had his back towards crowd and held a mirror up looking at the crowd. We all thought that was strange.


Bandit was not one of the acts featured for that show. It was COUTURE – a band from Saginaw – who opened the concert. I definitely remember the mirror thing.

John Wheeler

I was there and took photos # 2 and 3 (featured here) with my old instamatic. I still have the originals and more!


Wow! Would love to see more pics.

Larry perez

I would like to see some more , I was up front also


As I recall, Cheap Trick didn’t show up for this concert.

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