1980 – Women And Children First Demos

Studio sessions for Van Halen’s 3rd album, Women and Children First recorded at Sunset Sound Dec 1979 – Feb 1980.  Some of the music sounds like they could be the final take used on the album (Cradle, Romeo).  Others sound pretty early.  Dave is loose on most of it, probably Dave’s scratch vocals while the band recorded.  Amazing to see how rough some of this was…to the great finished product they became just a short time later on the album.

Pay close attention to the last song, “Act Like It Hurts.”  A rare UNRELEASED instrumental from this session.   The middle breakdown (9:25 in the Youtube video above) was later used for “Get Up” off 5150 album.

1. And the Cradle Will Rock…
2. Romeo Delight
3. “Act Like It Hurts” (Unreleased)
4. Everybody Wants Some!!
5. Loss of Control
6. Take Your Whisky Home
7. Fools
8. In a Simple Rhyme
9. Take Your Whiskey Home

Check out VHND’s great WACF album page here!

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I think that “Act like it hurts” was the original idea for “Honeybabysweetiedoll”.

[…] themightyvanhalen.net: Studio sessions for Women and Children First, the third Van Halen album.  Some of the music sounds […]