10/9/1980 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Arena

The night before David Lee Roth’s 26th birthday, Van Halen live in Oakland, CA (Oct 9, 1980). Decent quality audience recording.

Date: 10/9/1980
Location: Oakland, CA
Venue: Oakland Arena
Source: Audience bootleg (Quality: B / 2016 Remaster)

Audio Bootleg Quality: B (2016 Remaster)

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Saw this same tour 3 days later in San Diego

Rich Wilkes

Hey, Dom, any idea how to download these shows?


Yea get Video downloader professional as a chrome extension.

William Steinberger

I WAS THERE! I was 21

William Steinberger

11 of us, 163 joints & LSD timed to be peaking when The mighty Van Halen came on Stage! I would say we timed it correctly! Good times! even though I have found Jesus! Rather he Found ME!

[…] October 9, 1980 […]


Saw them three days earlier in Salt Lake City. The only reason it was the worst of the 4 times I saw V.H. is because the sound sucked. Shitty Mormon town, Shitty sound. Visually, they looked great though!