1982 – Phone Interview Eddie Van Halen with Jas Obrecht

July 30, 1982 – a couple weeks into the tour for Diver Down, Eddie talks to Jas Obrecht for Guitar Player Magazine. Ed talks about the new album and defends all the cover songs …
“They’re good fuckin’ songs, why shouldn’t they be redone the way we do ’em for a new generation of people” … “I don’t think any cover tune we’ve ever done sounds like the original. It takes almost as much time to make a cover tune sound original as it does writing a song. — so fuck the critics!”

Clip: Eddie talks about the cover tunes and recording with his dad on “Big Bad Bill”
Full phone interview

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Dave Mayo

They did do em good but whether it was ed or dave yrs yrs later i kinda thought way to much/ i really espicially now frown on wAt i call ???? y ones. Ive thought alot of bands like crue as well its just lame. And also if ur gonna. Do rare obscure one 99tears or long cool woman black dress. But i have heard em do sweet emotion and your no good and loved how they put there way of doing. I just wish they wooda did one more album and maybe add hagar for 2 song sherrone even 1song and then let wolf play like last 3 songs of it with his one man band whiich i think is way cool. Its tuff being in a band so his one man stuff i liked


That poorguy that wrote that comment is probably devastated I heard. They did some recordings or something with that guy I remember that name but damn rip Edward the king of six strings with ten fingers

1982 – Phone Interview Eddie Van Halen with Jas Obrecht