1982 – Inglewood, CA @ The Forum

Van Halen bring the massive Diver Down tour to their hometown on 9/10/1982 at The Forum.

Date: 9/10/1982
Location: Inglewood, CA
Venue: The Forum
Source: Audience bootleg

Audio Bootleg Quality: B+

Bootleg Notes:
Master cassette from Dean. Very good sound. A little lacking in bass but otherwise clear and free of tape hiss. Transfer was done with a standalone and then ripped to the computer via EAC, and converted to FLAC. The editing consisted only of deleting gaps of silence, splicing and cutting tracks to make the show as continuous and seamless as possible. Otherwise this is a raw tape transfer with no equalization, normalization, noise reduction or any other hocus pocus. All cuts are on the master cassette. If you had the master tape and put it in your tape deck, this is what you'd hear.

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My first concert EVER was this one. I remember they (the crowd) were lighting off fireworks that were flying around the Forum in a big circle then exploding all the way at the ceiling rafters. It was fucking insane, what an amazing show!

1982 – Inglewood, CA @ The Forum