1984 – Hollywood, FL @ The Sportatorium

Van Halen live on January 21, 1984 at The Hollywood Sportatorium, Pembroke Pines, FL. This is the first known recording from the 1984 Tour that kicked off 3 days earlier on Jan. 18th. This setlist differs from the rest of the tour. Here they flip/flop “On Fire” and “Unchained” — This one is an incomplete show missing last 5 songs [2014 Remaster removes some hiss. Quality B].

Audio Bootleg Quality: B

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Wayne Henson

Excellent concert I worked it as security. I was part of the team that put David Lee in a coffin box and pushed him from backstage into the audience as he climbed up on top large light fixture during an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo. Best concert I’ve ever been to.

The Mighty Van Halen

^ great memories of 1984!

william russell

I cant remember if I was at the first or second show but I remember a certain guitar player being a little intoxicated . The rest of the band did a great job covering for him but it was still a let down. I saw Daves solo tours in the “snortatorium” and he and his band killed it both times. But in retrospect 1984 was a great show!!

[…] Hollywood Sportatorium […]

Dana B

Oh my god, I’m writing a story right now on the writing prompt “first concert ever.” This one was mine. I cannot even believe I’m listening to the same version of Little Guitars I heard as a 13-year-old nearly 40 years ago. The internet is magical. Thank you, thank you.

In case this is still monitored, do you mind if I share a photo or two you have here? I’ll link the caption back to this page. Thanks in advance.