3/24/1984 – New Haven, CT @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Van Halen live just 2 months into the massive 1984 Tour on 3/24/1984 in New Haven, CT. Check out the last song “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, Eddie starts playing the “Good Enough” riff in the intro and again in the breakdown around 2:35 — This is a 2016 remaster that helps with low volume problem from the original.

Date: 3/24/1984
Location: New Haven, CT
Venue: Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Opening band: Autograph
Source: Audience bootleg / 2016 Remaster (Quality: B)

Audio BootlegQuality: B (2016 Remaster)

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Recovery Rocks

Seen them 3 times here, 3rd row each time, Van Halen liked this place a lot. Van Halen LIVE IN NEW HAVEN, CT, Oct. 7, 1982. (“Hide Your Sheep”) Tour. David was tore up that night big time as was half the place. Tickets were $7.50. Place has been torn down years ago and is now a parking garage, personally seen over 200 concerts there, Queen and Aerosmith were my first two I been to, back in 1976. Good Times @ NHC.

Randy O'Connor

Same here, lost count on shows……. wish I still had all my stubs….. used to keep them in a wooden box that got lost over the years…… that corkscrew in the parking garage was always a fun time….lol…. last time I saw VH was in 1986…… they released some backstage seats at the last second when they were filming “Live Without a Net”…… we thought we were going just to “listen” and have a good time since we couldn’t see…… but basicly ended up being front row cuz Eddie and Sammy kept coming back to to jam right in front of us….. the dude next to me had a 5150 football jersey that he gave Sammy…… he ended up wearing it….. was a really cool night……..


Am I nuts, or do I hear a little bit of “Mine All Mine” in the keyboard solo ??

The Mighty Van Halen

you probably do. This show in particular, Eddie plays parts of the riff to “Good Enough” in the middle of Ain’t Talkin Bout Love

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