1984 – Detroit, MI @ Cobo Hall

Van Halen live in Detroit for the famous MTV Lost Weekend with Van Halen.  These were the 2 shows (4/5 and 4/6) that the lucky winner got to hang out and see Van Halen.  Read details from the shows at VHND.com here.

Audio Bootleg Quality: A

MTV Lost Weekend with Van Halen (1984)
2020 Documentary with the winner Kurt Jeffries

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Wicked show here. I like the new upgrade on the player now we can click select tunes and solo’s. Good work man. Thanks a million for this site.
Just imagine seeing VH in Detroit back then with such a rowdy audience. I have DLR’s EEaS bootleg video from COBOL Hall in ’86 and you can clearly see just how intense the Detroit audi all then ces were. Of course with VH & DLR

Mike Skillings

I cant skip songs how do i do it

The Mighty Van Halen

Most of the shows, you just click on the track name you want to skip/advance

Brooks Wallsmith

Where the fuck can I buy this??

I can send you a download link w the files

Mike Skillings

Do you have anymore from Detroit 3 Shows in 81,2 in 82 84 I see you have 4/5/84,4/6/84 Mtv’s the lost weekend and 2 in 78,1 in 79 u think 2 in 80 same for Philadelphia,New York,and East Rutherford NJ,And Boston,portland Maine,And California,Texas,78-84,07/08,2012-13,2015

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[…] Halen live on 4/6/1984 at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI.  The night before was MTV’s Lost Weekend with Van Halen in 1984.  Read the full story at […]