1984 – Detroit, MI @ Cobo Hall

Van Halen live on 4/6/1984 at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI.  The night before was MTV’s Lost Weekend with Van Halen in 1984.  Read the full story at VHND.com.

Audio Bootleg

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Hello, Mighty =Van Halen= dot-net!! Thank you for sharing The Real Stuff with the universe. Wonderful collection, many memories within.
Not sure how active you are with site these days – no updates for awhile (hope all is well with you!). But, if you have the wherewithall + interest … is it possible to obtain the Detroit 4-6-84 show as digital files? It’s an extra-special show for a few reasons (if you’re interested, please ask!).
Happy to reimburse you for your time + any costs. FLAC preferred.
Thank you for your consideration. Either way, LOVE YOUR SITE!! The Best Site for Classic Mighty VH Shows. BLAZE ON

The Mighty Van Halen

Hey hey EK. Yes been getting active on the VH site again (finally), adding new bootlegs, etc.. Do you still need 4-6-84 FLAC files??!


NICE! Thank you for the cool reply. My apologies for this tardy response. But : Yes, please! I’d really like FLACs of this show, if/when convenient. Please let me know what you need from me, and I’ll make it so. Thank you again. =vH= Forever

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