1980 – Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Coliseum

Van Halen live for the first time in Albuquerque, NM on (9/10/1980).  Decent quality bootleg (Grade: B). This is a 2016 remaster which helps a tad get rid of some high end hiss.

Date: 9/10/1980
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Venue: Tingley Coliseum
Source: Audience bootleg (B)

Audio Bootleg Quality: B

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Dave Mayo

this is actually my favorite out of all of the ones yall have been almost godlike to bust out to us hardcore halen fans and i mean the best of all of em even 84 right from the start alex is jammin to start of romeo which he never did just this time and it kicks ass and then roth who i felt was in a perfect almost like he had to kick some ass cause rite from the start you hear that pot smokin crowd given there take on how they want this first ever halen performance which to me was perfect actually loved hearin that crowd and i mean that crowd was stoked and when roth which didnt talk alot that and when he did it was humble says van halen has finally arrived is probly the loudest cheer ive heard in any concert roth also is actually suprised how many people and loud goes u fuckers are crazy the one guy who was doin the primos which is coke and weed mixed in the joint he s like thats thats rite also i found my self trying to listen to that group of whoever they were with at one point u hear another guy offer his ole lady for a cple hits of the primo and the guys says no ive got the best of and basically any lady in this joint and the dude offering his ole lady doesnt like that and u hear a near physical thing going down but just incredible the best halen show in history i believe

The Mighty Van Halen

The Mighty Van Halen!!!