1981 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Arena

Full concert audio Van Halen Oakland ’81. Recorded at the Oakland Arena on June 11, 1981. This is a decent *audience* recorded bootleg (Grade B), but this 2014 remaster does improve the sound slightly.

This is the famous 1981 Oakland shows where Van Halen filmed their 3 live music videos on the Fair Warning tour. The holy grail of Van Halen footage. As Eddie Van Halen said in 2015, the reason the full shows were never released on DVD is because they don’t exist. It would seem they only filmed 3 songs on those nights. But who really knows…

Audio BootlegQuality: B

Photos and Media

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Scott M. Schaff

this is the real van halen as far as i am concderned.. went to everyone of their concerts everytime they came to town those were the days of kick ass rock and roll

That’s for sure. Killer days for rock music / concerts and VH especially.

Mike Skillings

Is this Show June 11th or June 12th

Mike Skillings

How come there is a Lot Of Humming in the Background of the Oakland Ca June 11th or 12th Show

The Mighty Van Halen

this one is supposed to be 6/11. It isn’t the best quality bootleg with some of that humming in it. Old tape I guess 😉


Any chance of getting a download link?

David McCain

Magical! The good ole days.


That is the PROPER speed for Unchained. Not the cocaine fuelled warp 9.5 speed on the 1984 tour.


God I miss those days!!


If these photos posted here are indeed June 11 & the audio is also 6/11, then this night may have been filmed but definitely was not used in the editing for the 3 released song video’s, this is based on what the band is wearing & Dave’s dialogue before the songs. I was at (I think) the June 12th performance & the band is wearing the clothes in the video’s.


40th Anniversary of this classic and iconic show and I was there!! Feels like yesterday!! RIP EDDIE!!

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